Hi and hello and welcome! <3

I'm bad at About Me's" so I'll tell you a story instead: Motivated by the belief that masks are considerate, masks can be cute and masks are such an easy and important thing that we can all do to play our part in stopping the spread and keeping each other safe - I made a mask. Then my perfectionist self came out and I spent *countless* hours perfecting the fit of the mask. Then I made some more! I put them on the internet and was so thankful to receive so much love and support from all of you kind and considerate people!  And I had to step up my game to keep up - and so did my family apparently... my mom became Director of Ironing and So Much More, my brother Phil Beans naturally took on the role of Chief Photography Officer and, those cute little paper hearts that ship with each mask are hand-punched by my dad!  But it didn't stop there - I scored a really sweet deal on a garage factory space at my aunt and uncle's - free rent, great company, all meals included (crepes and coffee delivered straight to my sewing station!) and a pool. Not too shabby. My friends were also not exempt - considerate goods has launched the (very promising, in my opinion!) modelling careers of quite a few - and so many others have stepped in to help - from ironing, to advice to moral support.

So thankful for it all and excited to keep going and growing and finding ways to be more considerate as I do.  The "considerate" in considerate goods refers to the act of wearing a mask of course - but it also refers to *how* it is made and the social and environmental impacts of its production:

  • I am proud to say these masks are made with care and made in Canada
  • I am proud to say that I have designed them in a way that maximizes their useful life by making the elastics replaceable  
  • I am proud to say that I am being thoughtful about the textile waste in the process: using waste as inspiration and striving to find ways to incorporate waste into new products - like scrunchies!
  • I am proud to say that I have made an effort to be inclusive in my design process and offer two different styles to accommodate users with various needs

But with all that said, there is always more to do - and I am actively committed to, and working on, incorporating additional considerate elements to my process and products.  And I am always open and thankful for your thoughts and feedback on all things so please don't hesitate to reach out: anela@considerategoods.com

Thank you for reading and thank you for your support!

Be well, be kind, be considerate <3