Are these masks medical grade?
No, these masks are not medical grade masks. Wearing a cloth mask is a considerate thing to do but it does *not* take the place of physical distancing and proper handwashing. Please continue to physically distance, wash your hands and follow all public health guidelines. If you are in a setting that requires the use of a medical grade mask, please choose that option over a cloth mask.

What if the elastic fit isn't the right size for me? 
I have done my best to size the elastic so that it fits most but in case it's not a perfect fit for you, I've included an extra 30” piece of elastic for each mask that you can sew or tie to your desired length. If the size is okay for you, you can use this elastic as a replacement should you need it in the future.  

How do I put on the mask?

Head Elastic Style: You can put the mask on in two ways: 1) With even length of elastic coming through both the top and bottom, stretch and pull over your head. Adjust as needed. This option is quicker but harder on the elastic. 2) Adjust the elastic so you have large loop coming out of the bottom openings. Slide your head through this loop. *This shouldn’t require much stretching of the elastic. Once on, slide the mask down the elastic so that you now have a loop on top. Slide that loop over the top of your head. Adjust as needed. This option is a bit more involved but easier on the elastic.

Ear Elastic Style: Follow the instruction card that ships with your mask to tie the ear loops to your desired length.  Once you have done this, slide each ear loop over each ear to secure. 

How do I know if the Head Elastic style mask is on properly?

1) The bottom elastic should be behind your neck and the top elastic should be across the top back of your head. The top elastic should *not* go straight back across perpendicular to your ears. It should follow a ~45 degree angle up from your ears. Ex. If you are wearing a high ponytail, it will sit just below your ponytail. If you are wearing a low ponytail, it will sit above. 2) The bottom fabric should cup under your chin and the top of the nose should sit as high up on your nose as possible. 

When I put the Head Elastic style mask on, the elastic on the bottom feels too loose and the top is too tight?

When most people put the mask on, they will notice that the bottom is a bit loose and the top is a bit tight. If this happens to you (which it will), hold the bottom of the mask on one side while pulling the elastic from that same side out through the top. Do this to both sides and adjust until you have a great fit.

How should I wash my mask?

Hand wash with hot water or machine wash on gentle, ideally in a wash bag. Hang to dry. Press with iron for a crisp finish. Do not iron elastic.

I really love the styles but would prefer a mask with three layers/a mask with a filter pocket.  Can you make these options? 

Yes, we can absolutely accommodate both of these options.  Please send an email to hello@considerategoods.com with your request.

Do you have children's sizes?

We do not have children's sizing available at the moment but should have it shortly!  Stay tuned :) 

IMPORTANT NOTE: These recommendation are my personal recommendations and please note that I am not a health expert. Please always follow the recommendations of health experts when deciding how to best wear and care for your mask.